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Mini Facial / 60 min $60

Basic skin care treatment that serves all the essential purposes of a facial within a convenient amount of time.


Deep Cleansing Facial / 70 min $80

Minimizes spots and unclogs pores due to blackheads and oil build-up. A cleansing treatment that leaves your face feeling softer and more radiant.


Anti Aging Facial / 70min $100

Facial addition of vitamin enriched ampules to give the skin a radiat glow and will provide nutrition.


Flash Organic Filling / 90min $120

Exfoliates, smoothes, and hydrates skin. Organic filling. Minimizes fine lines and large pores. Results clear and beautifully bright skin. Detoxifies, brightens, and rejuvenates skin


Back Facial / 60 min $80

Opens pores on your back and thoroughly cleanses and removes impurities from the back. Ideal for those prone to problem skin and acne.

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