Mini Facial / 50 min $60

First, a brief root cause analysis that helps determine the best ongcing treatment for balancing teen skin. Reduces clogged pores and minimizes breakouts. It is followed by a thorough cleansing.


Deep Cleansing Facial / 60 min $80

First, receive a customized skin analysis. Followed by deep cleansing and the extraction of any clogged pores. Your skin is then exfoliated steamed and massaged with personally selected produces. After relax under a cooling and re-hydrating mask


Special Facial / 80 min $100

Facial addition of vitamin enriched ampules to give the skin a radiant glow and will provide nutrition.


Back Facial / 60 min $80

Opens pores and thoroughly cleanses and removes impurities from the back.

Ideal for those prone to problem skin and acne.




Chair Massage                        10min                          $15

Head Massage                        30min/60min             $40/$75

Reflexlogy                                30min/60min             $45/$80

Swedish Massage                   30min/60min             $40/$75

Deep Tissue Massage            30min/60min             $45/$85

Aroma therapy Massage       30min/60min             $45/$80

Hot Stone Massage                30min/60min             $45/$80



Manicure                                 $12

French Manicure                    $17

Buffing Manicure                   $17

SPA Manicure                         $25

Hot Stone Manicure              $35



U.V French set                        $120

U.V Clear set                           $100

U.V French Fill-In                    $60

U.V Clear Fill-in                       $45

Fill-In + Color Gel                    $55

Color Gen Manicure              $35

(French Gen Manicure)         $45

Color Gel Pedicure                $45

(French Gel Pedicure)           $55



Pedicure                                 $25

French Pedicure                    $30

SPA Pedicure                         $35 up




Eyebrow                                   $10

Lip                                             $8

Chin                                          $10 up

Full Arm                                   $40

Half Arm                                  $20 up

Under Arm                              $20

Full Leg                                    $45

Half Leg                                   $25 up

Bikini                                        $20 up

(Men’s) Back                           $50 up



Silk Wrap Set                          $50 up

Silk Tip Set                              $60 up

Fill-In                                        $35

Fill-in + Color Gel                   $45



New Set                                   $120

Fill-in                                        $50 up



New spa manicure to purity nourish and hydrat. Complete transformation of the hands.

  • Soak Both hands for 2-3 minutes.

  • Scrub gommage exfoliant.

  • Mask for full arms and kertin mask for hands 5 minutes.

  • Massage.

  • Hidratar for lotion nourrissant

Hot stone massage manicure 10 min  $35

Extra $10 for Hot stone massage